PsyOps Battlefield 3 is an academic research project about the link between play style and personality. The simple question we want to answer is: does how you play show who you truly are? Or, put more academically: does the statistically trackable play style of a player significantly correlate to his personality? To find the answer we had over 13,000 Battlefield 3 players complete a personality test. We combined the results of this test with their Battlefield 3 play statistics. We found that play style does indeed say something about someone’s personality. Surprisingly, age also seems to be very closely tied to play style. You can find all the details of the results by exploring this website. To find the sources and citations of the information on this website, head over to the Publications section to view the original research papers (including references). You can also check out our Facebook page for the latest news and updates on PsyOps.